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My Background

Certified Zentangle trainer & artist

I have been doing pencil work and sketching all my school and college life. I remember requesting my sister when she was in grade 10 to allow me to do some of the animal drawings from here biology book. I was 9 years old then. Started drawing Fishes, frogs and then flowers from biology book pictures. Since then I kept a sketch book and whatever fascinated me, I started to draw and shade. 
I grew up and became a banker and worked in banking till my husband decided to move from country to country every few years due to his job. That’s when my passion, my childhood fond memories helped me get back to art. And I picked up paint brush again. I did oil painting and found lots of similarities between that medium and me.
In the Year 2012, I met with a certified Zentangle teacher and got myself trained into this most amazing art form. I found solace in this art form. Zentangle is new age art form and helps with many things. A meditative art form and can benefit from a child up to a senior citizen, I indulged into it and kept on doing my Zentangle as a part of my everyday life. Life was never boring and it always thru challenges at us, My daughter who was 14years old got diagnosed with Cancer and we were running back and forth with hospitals for her chemo treatment, Zentnagle kept me going, gave me the strength to look at my daughter, smile and make her believe that we will see a better beautiful tomorrow. Which came true…
In the year 2017, we moved to Fremont, California and I got opportunity to make my hobby into a career by doing what I love the most, Zentangle. I did Certified Zentangle teachers training. I have taught Zentangle at Mission San Jose Elementary School, Fremont to almost 450+ students. Adults who learn this art form fall in love with it and many times they ask me. “Why I did not meet them earlier in their life?” to which I can only smile and feel gratitude about.

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