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My First time with Zentangle

I have been practicing Zentangle since year 2012, I got introduced to this art form while I was an art teacher with a school in Bangalore, India. They trained us cause they wanted to introduce this art to Students cause this art form represents out of the box thinking for students that's how my journey started. I had an affinity towards art and was good at Drawings. and this art form took my passion to another level. As a mother of two girls, I never found time for myself and after learning this art I realized it does not take too much to find that little space in the house and just get started. It was possible due to Zentangle. It is a Non-Messy form of art. One does not does not require a lot of space and time to set up. You have your supplies and you are good to get started. I used to practice Meditation as a Pranic Healer, hence I found solace in Zentangle. Mindfulness was experienced when I finished a tile. No wonder people around world are embracing this art form and taking it to another level...

Lord Ganesha is my favorite. and the very first time I learn Zentangle I had to pray and express my devotion in Zentangle way
Zentangle Ganraya

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